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15 Helpful Tips for Smooth Wedding Planning Process

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Make sure that your special wedding celebration goes on without a hitch through these tips. From the guest list to the location, we’ve got you covered.

1. Manage Your Budget Well.

Don’t purchase anything unless you have established a strict wedding budget. For this budget to work well, you need to take note of all details. Don’t forget additional costs such as giveaways, dress alterations and beauty expenses.

2. Begin The Wedding Planning Early

Wedding planning is very time-consuming, so it is highly recommended to start planning at least a year before your event date with an experienced wedding event management company. The earlier you start, the more smooth-sailing the arrangements would be, especially with the vendors and suppliers. It would be less stressful as the special day approaches.

3. Helping hands

Planning a wedding is never easy. It can never be done by one person. If some of your relatives and close friends are willing to help, accept their assistance with open arms. Through the efforts of your trusted confidants, a lot of things can be handled more efficiently.

4. Be Selective with the Guest List

If you want to plan a low-cost wedding, you should sort your guest list meticulously and wisely. The number of your guests will define the size of your venue. The lesser the guests, the cheaper and smaller the wedding location.

5. Prepare Back Up Plans

No wedding celebration is perfect. At some point, there will be unexpected changes that need to be addressed immediately. You should plan alternatives for every instance, to avoid stress and panic on your big day.

6. Long Distance Venues

Make sure not to stray too far from the location of your invited guests. If you suddenly decide on a destination wedding, fewer people would be able to attend.

7. Look and Feel Fabulous

Of course, every bride would love to look beautiful in their wedding pictures. To make sure that you will look good and healthy on your special day, start your preparations early. Engage to a balanced meal plan and regular workouts to tone your physique.

8. Don’t fall for Common Beauty Mishaps

The primary culprits? A fake tan and too much foundation. Surely, you will need to wear heavy makeup to make your features stand out in the wedding photos. But, don’t overdo it.

9. Pick Your Best Girls

Your close friends and your bridesmaids will be able to provide the support you badly need in the long and tedious wedding preparation process. Choose them wisely. Cousins and friends you rarely see are definitely not the best choices.

10. Book the Best Photographer

If you want to have the best wedding day memories, hire an experienced wedding photographer. Make sure to find someone who is passionate and dedicated. He or she should know exactly what you want.

11. Serve the Best Wedding Menu

The wedding reception is not just for you and your new husband, it is also about the enjoyment of your guests. What else would make them feel special but good meals? Never skimp on this aspect—you wouldn’t want to serve your loved ones lousy food.

12. Make the Little Details Personal

As much as possible, incorporate your personalities into the wedding day. From the first dance and favors to the outfits and music, your guests should be able to say “that’s so them!”

13. Give your Groom His Own Responsibilities

Your fiancé might not be very active in all the wedding preparations, but surely, he has his own opinions and ideas. Feel free to ask him about his thoughts. Listen to his every word—remember, this is his special day, too!

14. Lists, lists and More Lists

How can you possibly monitor a lot of invoices, receipts and deadlines? Trust me, it would be impossible to do everything by yourself. You will definitely need the help of a checklist. Make sure to prepare a spreadsheet containing actual and forecast costs.

15. Don’t Forget What’s Significant

Wedding planning can really be a stressful and overwhelming celebration. You may find yourself in the middle of unexpected changes from time to time, but never forget what this event is really all about—marrying the love of your life!

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