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7 Reasons Why Your Company Needs a Mobile App

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For a time, companies can leverage the use of their websites to cater to their
customers’ needs. Although this has surely worked for quite some time, Google has
made it clear that some things had to change.

In 2015, Google revealed a report that mobile users have trumped desktop users when
it comes to online searches. This just means that the mobile revolution is inevitable.

As a result, Google will penalize any website that doesn’t conform to mobile devices
which is why this has made the push for the development of mobile websites.

Mobile websites are just websites that scale really well on a mobile device (hence the
name). However, they are not as optimized mobile apps.

Mobile apps are akin to desktop programs in that they are downloaded from the app
store and then installed to a user’s device. These are made by app developers and like
desktop software, they can have different functionalities as well.

Today, I am going to talk about some reasons why your company needs a mobile app,
especially in this day and age.

Every Company is Doing It

Business owners know the value that mobile apps bring to their ventures which is why a
lot of them are going to be in on the action. If you are not thinking about mobile app
development, then you are going to miss out on huge opportunities.

It Helps Increase Sales

Domino’s Pizza has been in business for quite some time, but they did experience a
surge in popularity ever since they’ve made their mobile application.

Just six months after releasing their app, they’ve enjoyed 28% increased profits simply
because it made it easier for their customers to buy their favorite pizza.

Good User Experience

A mobile application can help elevate the user’s experience. If you can provide your
services to them in a more convenient way by developing an application that is easy to
use and navigate, people will drop favorable reviews on your app’s page, furthering your
social proof.

Improves Communication

Mobile apps can be a great promotional tool because you can send push notifications to
your customers and informing them of upcoming deals and products. Take note sending
such notifications is absolutely free.

Seamless Checkout Process

When you have an online shopping app, make sure that you develop an application that
provides a seamless checkout process. One of the main reasons for cart abandonment
is that the checkout process might be too cumbersome. Allow your customers to
checkout in just a couple of taps.

Helps You Stay Relevant

As more and more business owners are developing mobile apps for their company’s
benefit, having one created for your venture helps you stay relevant, especially if you
are in a highly competitive industry.

Permits Customer Engagement

When your customers get easy access to your company (through your mobile app),
user engagement will definitely improve.

Sure, they can visit your website and contact you from there, but having the ability to
contact you directly from your application is so much better and easier for them.

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