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Buying the Best Skeleton Watch

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1. Count the number of watch jewels.

Just like with vintage pocket watches, the most coveted skeleton watches tend to utilize automatic movements. This only means that the movements’ accuracy is highly dependent on the quality of its internal mechanisms. One high-quality skeleton timepiece must have a minimum of 21-jewel movement. Less than that would deliver time inaccuracy. Those with high-end movements feature more than 35 jewel movements.

2. Check if you need to change its strap.

One of the most common complaints and observations about skeleton timepieces doesn’t come from the watch itself. The problem lies on the watch straps. Most of the time, stock straps are used. These are the ones that came from mass production efforts. They don’t stand up well to every day wear, and suffer from sweat retention issues.

3. If you want to save money, settle for Japanese movement.

The most affordable skeleton watches utilize Miyota movements. If you are operating on a small budget, Japanese watch movements are the ways to go.

4. Buy your watch from a reputable manufacturer.

The issue with several skeleton timepieces is that they lack uniqueness in its design. By just looking at one, you can tell that it’s a skeleton watch. Keep in mind that the best skeleton watch manufacturers in the market are Stuhrling and Akribos. If you want to have the most authentic experience with this type of watch, consider these brands.

5. Focus on the watch features.

Looking for the best women’s and men’s watches in Malaysia can be stressful. There are plenty of options available. If you want to get a skeleton watch that you can enjoy for the years to come, focus on its features, not just its physical appearance. Below are some of the features that you may want to take into account:

    a. Water resistance level. The minimum depth must be 50 meters.
    b. It must use sapphire crystal. This is your best choice to avoid scratches.
    c. It must deliver automatic movements. A lot of skeleton timepieces are kinetic or automatic in design, though, you must also be able to wound it manually if needed be.

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