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Compelling Reasons Why People Should Wear Watches

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Are you still wearing a watch? If the answer to that question is a ‘no’, then you are probably one of those people that are convinced not to wear a watch because you already have a smartphone.

Do not get me wrong, smartphones are quite useful as they provide you with some meaningful functions that can help better your life, but if you use your phone solely to tell the time, then you are missing out on a whole lot of things.

A good automatic watch will always trump a smartphone; both in terms of looks and functionality.

Today, I am going to cite some very compelling reasons why people should be wearing watches even in this day and age.

It is Your Fashion Statement

If you ask any fashion stylist out there, they will collectively say that the watch is the only acceptable accessory that a man can wear to improve his style. This is actually quite true, but it somehow also applies to women as well.

Gone are the days where watches are only deemed as devices that tell the time as watches can now be worn with pride. There are so many watches out there on the market that will always suit your style and taste. In other words, a watch can be your own fashion statement.

It Provides Convenience and Efficiency

Do you know the reason why wristwatches exist? Back in the First World War, soldiers would have to continuously look at their pocket watches in order for them to coordinate and time their attacks really well. Of course, since most soldiers have something to carry at that time, it is quite cumbersome to be picking the watch out of one’s pocket.

The good thing is that there are soldiers who had this idea of tying their pocket watches to their wrists by using a rope. This concept was later taken as a means of creating the modern wristwatches that we know today.

Watches provide convenience and efficiency. If it weren’t for those makeshift wristwatches back then, a lot of soldiers would have died.

It is a Great Conversation Piece

Just learning about horology and the value of watches, you will know how to appreciate watches even more. In fact, watches can actually be a great conversation piece.

If you spot someone in a gala wearing a nice Rolex watch, you can spark a conversation with them detailing how Rolex made their line of watches, among many other things about the said timepiece.

It Can Be a Good Investment

Whenever something is rare, it is almost always highly sought after. The same can be said when it comes to luxury watches.

You see, when you look at the market for watches that are about to be extinct (i.e. discontinued), it makes for a rather good investment because you can buy the watch today and sell it for profit after a few years.

Of course, you will need to have the capital for it, but it is always a good idea to invest in something that will last for ages.

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