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Web Hosting

Different Types of Web Hosting Explained

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When you are on the lookout for the best web hosting provider, you might be
bombarded with information such as the type of web hosting services offered. Well, if
you are looking for the right information, you’re in luck!

Today, I am going to be talking about the different types of web hosting services that
are offered by hosting providers so that you will know exactly which one to choose.

Shared Web Hosting

Commonly known simply as ‘shared hosting’, this is the most affordable plan out there
and one that is enjoyed by many website owners all over the world. For you to
understand the different hosting plans, you have to first be aware of how a web host

Basically, a web host is a company that owns many webservers and you, as the
customer, are just paying for a hosting plan that meets all of your needs. Once that is
done, your website will be placed inside one of their servers along with the files of your
webpage and so long as the server is up and running, your website will also be up and
running as well.

Shared web hosting, therefore, is a type of hosting plan wherein your website will be
placed in a single webserver along with many different websites.

Because of the limited resources, shared hosting plans are quite affordable and should
be okay for most users.

However, the huge limitation of shared hosting is that resources are going to be scarce
and if you are experiencing high internet traffic, you are better off with other hosting
plans instead.

Dedicated Server Hosting

As the name suggests, dedicated server hosting is where you are given a server all to
yourself. This is typically acquired only by large corporations or huge companies that
would require a more reliable service.

There are many advantages to dedicated server hosting. For one, you are allowed to
install whatever programs you want for your website. For instance, you can install your
favorite website control panel and you can also have the option to choose the operating
system of the server as well.

The only major downside to dedicated hosting is that it is the most expensive hosting
plan out there, that is why it is typically only enjoyed by entities that have the money to

Virtual Private Server

Also known simply as VPS hosting, this type of hosting plan is a bridge between shared
and dedicated hosting services.

Although you are still lumped inside the same server as other websites, you are given
your own virtual server by utilizing virtualization software to do just that.

This is ideal for website owners that want a little bit more control than what is usually
offered in shared hosting, but this is great because it is not expensive at all.

Cloud Hosting

The aforementioned hosting plans have one major flaw: scalability. For instance, users
who opted for shared hosting might not have the available bandwidth to accommodate
more internet traffic coming to their websites.

To solve this problem, cloud hosting can be employed. The term ‘cloud’ is basically a
collection of different servers that work together to provide a similar service (this being a
massive web server).

This is typically offered by big-name hosting providers and is usually being offered at
affordable prices.

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