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Fun ways to make Merdeka day feel special

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Hari Merdeka is just around the corner. This year on 31st August 2018, Merdeka Day is especially special as it marks our 61 years of independence from British rule. As a Malaysian, Merdeka Day is a symbolic as every year, we get to show our patriotism and remember the warriors who had sacrificed their lives so that the country will be colonialism. It is generally a day of Merdeka celebration as flags are lifted up, and the national anthem sung while grand parades are illuminates the arena of Dataran Merdeka. However, there are number of ways you can do to make this Merdeka Day’s celebration even more exciting. Brace yourself and fun to try these fun things to do on your Merdeka day:


  1. Have a picnic with exciting activities

Host a Merdeka hang out with your partner or friends. Entertain your friends by cooked them a special meal, be it having a BBQ or playing some historical quizzes. This will definitely take your Merdeka eve celebration to a whole new level, and could bring “Muhibbah” spirit to life!

  1. Decorate your home with Merdeka themes

Decorate your house and hand-make some of merdeka-themed handicrafts. Whether it be flags or you’re going to design an outfit that are using our national flag. As creative as you can because this is the way you deliver your creative ideas into a joy and interesting day to spend off. Moreover, you could hang some Malaysia flags around your house. Simple, yet so effective ways to express the love with your nation. Don’t be fret to show everyone else that you’re proud being a Malaysian!

  1. Join the Merdeka countdown

Don’t miss out these magnificent countdown eve, where you counting down the historic moment with many other Malaysians. Grab a great view of the night fireworks that will shatter into thousands of sparks. This probably will be one of the best things of the celebrations, watching spectacular fireworks in the night sky.