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How To Start An SEO Campaign With (Almost) No Money

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The 3 Main Pillars of Search Engine Optimization:

1. Link Building

Every website owner should spend a good amount of time earning and building links for their pages, or try to seek help from an SEO Consultant. The quantity and quality of your links will dictate your credibility and authority.

2. On-Site Optimization

On-site optimization makes sure that search engines will be able to index web pages well. Through this, you can provide a functionable website for all your users.

3. Ongoing Content Development

Publishing new web content regularly can increase your website’s domain authority. Consequently, this can increase your search engine ranking. It also offers more keyword-rich posts for Google and other search engines to acknowledge and index.

What kind of strategy can you do if you have no money?

You don’t need to spend a huge amount of cash on a campaign. Here are some tips:

o Establish off-site presence. You can do this by addressing your social media profiles on every social platform. Posting regularly on every channel.

o Encourage linking and sharing. Through off-site forums and social media channels, encourage your audience to link your posts. Earn your links the natural way.

o Begin building links. This may be a bit difficult for beginners, but definitely not impossible. Make sure to land good guest blogging opportunities.

o Pick a reliable website builder that can strengthen your SEO strategy. Rely on inexpensive, yet reliable website builders. Use design templates to make functional and visually appealing web pages.

o Pick good topics and keywords. Do a reliable keyword research. Once you already have great topics and keywords to work with, then it’s time to continue on other areas.

o Optimize your meta descriptions and titles. Make sure that your pages are optimized with the correct keywords and are written in an enticing manner. This will attract more clicks, and help you gain more traffic.

o Write compelling content on the most important pages. Each main web page should have at least a few hundred words. Be concise, accurate and descriptive.

o Create new web content regularly. You don’t have to spend a big amount of cash to produce good content. As long as you know what your audience wants, you can surely make high-quality materials that can help you generate more traffic.

At some point will you need money?

These techniques can help you start a good SEO campaign, but if you don’t have enough cash to invest, then you won’t really earn the best results. In order to be successful in today’s competitive SEO landscape, you need to invest a big amount time to level up your strategy.

Earn valuable links from high-authority websites. Build a loyal client base. You can do these all by yourself, but at the end of the day, hiring an SEO professional is still the better choice. Paying an expert can definitely lead you to the right direction.

With every dollar spent on an SEO strategy, as long as you give it to the right contractor or agency, can provide good long-term returns.

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