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Reasons Why Mobile App Development Needs to Speed Up
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Reasons Why Mobile App Development Needs to Speed Up

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Speed Up The Development of Mobile Application

According to App Annie, the average American spends at least 5 hours a day using their smartphones. Of those said hours, 50% of the time spent is mainly used to fiddle with social media and messaging apps. Flurry Analytics refers to them as “Communitainment” apps which are mobile applications that has one main objective: to use communication as a means for entertainment.

App development is constantly becoming stronger than ever and it is only going to get stronger as the years go by. But, despite the many changes and advancements to app development in general such as the iphone developer, there are still some app development companies that struggle to finish an app project in time.

To add to that, they not only have a difficult time completing a project, but they also find it hard to quash bugs that may have been overlooked during the development process and they might also struggle to implement new features as well.

Why Mobile App Development Should Pick Up the Pace

Reasons Why Mobile App Development Needs to Speed UpWeb developers are pretty much agile coders in the sense that they can churn out a lot of updates every single day. In fact, Facebook, one of the largest social media companies in the world, can roll minor updates up to 2 times a day to nearly 600 developers. The same cannot be said for mobile app development, however.

In another sector (product development), different brands and manufacturers are able to come up with timely updates to their product line.

According to Anders Lassen, CIO of Fuse, said that the lack of control and efficient feedback cycles can spell doom to developers and app designers today.

Lassen proposes that instead of developing a feature-rich app from the get-go, it would be best for both the client and the development agency to focus on a mobile application with only some core features intact in its original iteration and you then just add new features in the coming weeks or months.

App Developers Should Ditch the “Waterfall” Approach

Most app development agencies use the so-called “Waterfall Approach” in building applications. This is a sequential approach where the project cannot go to the next stage without finishing the current stage.

Although this has certainly worked in the past, it is not feasible to use anymore in the rapid pace the world is in today.

Not only does the waterfall approach hamper app development, slowing it down in each and every stage, app developers are also faced with the huge dilemma of revisiting their code, especially if there is a game-breaking bug.

In most of these cases, the app development company would have to start from scratch and it would definitely increase the app building time again.

Companies Should Develop Apps for the End User

Reasons Why Mobile App Development Needs to Speed UpAt the end of the day, your applications will be used by the users.

So, when coming up with a feature set, you have to think about how it will benefit the end user. By creating applications like this, the process will be more streamlined than ever.

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