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Ways on How to Be Artistic in Decorating Your Home

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Everybody wants to create for themselves a beautiful home, but it can seem difficult to make a home look creative and tasteful without costing too much. We’re making the job a little easier for you. Follow these 10 tips from interior design firms and improve your abode’s aesthetic value.

Buy Prints of Masterpieces

Who doesn’t love to hang a big painting in the living room or bedroom? But an original artwork could burn a hole in the pocket, even by the lesser-known artists. Alternatively, master artists like Husain, Raza, Vaikuntam, etc. should invest in limited edition prints of beautiful artworks. High-quality prints, usually made with the technique of serigraphy, have a very similar texture to paintings, and therefore look stunning.

Upgrade Your Photo Wall

Many of us love showing personal photographs around the house but they often sit inside a photo frame on corner tables. Why not instead create a photo wall by framing some of your favorite pictures from weddings, birthdays, travels, etc.? Add an artistic element by using bold frames of different sizes, and create an interesting collage in a stairway, study, or bedroom to cover a large wall.

Bring Out the Art in Entertainment

We place great emphasis on well-serving and entertaining visitors! And a perfect way to add an artistic touch to your home is by purchasing beautiful and creative serving pieces, coffee mugs, bar accessories and more, which are not only spectacular when serving visitors with an appetizer or a cocktail, but can also be used as decorative items if not used!

Display Your Souvenirs From Your Trips

When we travel to a new city or country, we all like to pick up some small souvenirs. And the planet has so many inexpensive but amazing choices to discover! Whether it’s masks, tiny postcards or shot glasses from every new spot you’re visiting, take a deliberate look at these on your journeys and create your collection over time. You can easily embed these on the walls, a cupboard, or a long table in your decor.

Be Traditional

Traditional art is beautiful, informative and not expensive! Perfect for adding an ethnic touch to your home, for example Indian art forms like pichwais (Lord Krishna’s paintings), Mughal Miniatures, Tanjores, or a tribal or folk painting (Gond, Madhubani or Warli art) are a great way to add an artistic touch to your home, without spending too much.

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